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All about Firefighting Equipment

One of the riskiest jobs anywhere is firefighting. This is why anyone who is a firefighter should protect themselves as much as they can from any way fire can harm them. They use special equipment or gear to cover themselves so that fire cannot harm them in any way. This will enable them to concentrate on saving other people in the burning building that are not lucky enough to have special equipment. These products can be gotten from several sources. It is important that a lot of consideration is put in where the purchase is made from because they may be of poor quality and won’t be able to protect you. The division ordinarily gets their gear from one source, so it is significant that it is the best of the best.

When someone joins the firefighting department, they are automatically given a set of personal protection equipment. The package is comprised of a jacket, boots and pants that they wear when on the job. The jacket is made up of three layers. It has stripes on it and can’t be torn or damaged by heat. The boots are also extraordinarily structured since the insole is comprised of steel. This is very important since a firefighter has to walk through a lot of debris to reach the victim and the debris could cause serious cuts. The shoes should be taken for a test drive to ensure that they work so that you don’t get nasty surprises when on site. The firefighter is also given a breathing gadget, which is something that the firefighter ought to never desert. The canister contains enough oxygen to help the firefighter breath. In a burning building, there is normally little to no oxygen, so they are critical in helping the firefighter do his or her job. The breathing apparatus also has an alarm system which goes off if the firefighter does not move for thirty seconds. This will let the colleagues know the firefighter is in trouble if he is unable to use the radio.

Water is obviously important in putting out fires; therefore, the truck that enables it to be moved is also very important. It also ships the firefighters in addition to all that they will require, even emergency treatment kits. There is also gear that the firefighters use in order to get to someone who is in need of help. They will need tomahawks, scoops and pipe poles. The pipe poles are very important as they help the firefighter know whether the walls and the ceilings have a rolling fire. They should also have rope for easier movement of equipment, especially in search and rescue operations. There are other accessories that the firefighter should have like heat resistant gloves, wristlets and goggles. All of these products help keep the firefighter safe enough to save those in the buildings.
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